Research Ramp-Up Supplies Request

MIT is providing hand sanitizer, hand soap, spray bottles, disinfectant, gloves, surgical masks, etc., via the MIT Covid-19 store. Please estimate what you think you may need for about two weeks. We understand this may be difficult, but think about the number of folks you expect to come back, how frequently people will be on campus, and what they might need over the course of a couple of weeks, knowing that everyone will be doing a lot more cleaning, hand-washing, etc. 

We are collecting this should we need to follow up.

Note:  For the items you require, please type the quantity in the boxes below using numbers (eg 6) not text (eg six)

(Case of towels; contains 25 bundles of 175 towels)
(10 inch paper towel roll; 10 inch by 800 feet)