BE Seminar Calendar & AV Support

BE Seminar A/V Support

BE-IT provides on site a/v support to ensure each speaker is setup and ready to present at 4:05pm.  Our work includes dropping the screen, start up and connection to the projector.  We also provide a wireless clip on microphone, laser pointer/slide advancer, and bottled water.  We expect speakers to provide their own laptops, in the event that your speaker requires us to provide one, we kindly request that presentation files are provided to us 24 hours in advance.

BE Seminar Calendar

In addition to the main seminar list on BE-IT maintains a shareable google calendar of each academic year's BE Seminar Series.  You can subscribe to the entire AY calendar by clicking this link .   In addtiion, at the bottom right of the embedded calendar here clicking the [+] next to the GoogleCalendar logo will add the calendar to your own google calendar.

If you prefer to add single seminars to your calendar ad-hoc, on each Seminar listing on there is the "Add to my calendar" link that affords you that option.