Certificates at MIT

Certificate Installation, Renewal, and Removal

At MIT you will need to use a certificate for all MIT secure web applications including Benefits, SAPweb, WebSIS, COEUS Lite, IS&T Software Download and ePaystubs.

Certificate installation is a two step process:

  1. Install the MIT Certificate Authority for each web browser you use at:  https://ca.mit.edu/mitca.crt
  2. Install a Personal Certificate for each web browser you use. 
  • For Safari and Internet Explorer, download and use the CertAid app: http://ist.mit.edu/certaid
  • For other browsers (Chrome as well as Firefox, Safari/Mac, and Internet Explorer), install certificates manually at: https://ca.mit.edu/
  • To obtain a new certificate, you will need your Kerberos username, Kerberos password, and MIT ID Number
  • When installing the personal certificate, choose the defaults of High Grade, and 368 days

Personal Certificates obtained in the past year are set to expire on July 31st. Renewal of personal web certificates is not automatic.   NOTE: You May Be Required to Change Your Password. If you have not changed your password in over a year, you will be
prompted to do so when you obtain an MIT personal certificate.  For more information and tips on how to choose a strong password, review the Strong Passwords page in the Knowledge Base: http://kb.mit.edu/confluence/x/3wNt

You can test your certificate here:  web.mit.edu/certificates/test/

When you renew your personal certificate, you will need to delete the old certificate in Firefox and Internet Explorer.  If you are use the CertAid app, your old certificates will be automatically deleted in Safari/Chrome for Mac and Internet Explorer.

For more information on certificates at MIT, see: http://ist.mit.edu/certificates