BATS Title Submission

Spring 2021

The deadline for submiting this information is the Monday before your scheduled BATS talk.

Required fields are marked with *. You may also optionally indicate a phonetic spelling of your name and/or your pronouns.

BATS Titles should not exceed 100 characters. BATS Abstracts should not exceed 550 characters.

Please feel free to supply a phonetic spelling of your names here. Example: HA-lee BEH-ree (Halle Berry)
Enter your advisor's name. If you have multiple advisors, list them all.
Using Title Case capitalization, submit the title of your talk that is no more than 100 characters in length. This title will appear on the BE Website and in all BATS advertising.
Submit an abstract of your talk that is no more than 550 characters in length. This abstract will appear on the BE Website and in electronic BATS advertising.
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Choose and upload a headshot of yourself to be used for paper and electronic BATS advertising.                             

  • Files must be less than 4 MB
  • Allowed files types are .jpg and .jpeg
  • Must be a front view image - no profiles
  • Image size at least approx 310 x 380 pixels
  • Please name the image before uploading as Last name_ First name.jpg (e.g. smith_john.jpg)

After submitting this form, you wil receive a separate email with a Dropbox link. Please ensure delivery of the video to this Dropbox by 9AM the morning of your BATS presentation.

The Comm Lab records all BATS talks as a way to provide additional public speaking support. Talks are recorded, stored in an encrypted folder, and deleted a week after the link is sent to the speaker. The video will not be used for any other purpose.

By selecting 'Yes' below, you will opt-out of the videorecording service. Your choice to opt-out will remain confidential.

Direct any questions to